My Services

  • Editing
    My in-house experience in both corporate environments and multinational organisations working directly with senior management and highly-specialised experts has given me invaluable experience in understanding both your management’s requirements and your audience’s unique needs.
  • Corporate Communications
    Your products are innovative, your solutions state-of-the-art, and your services sophisticated. Whatever your business’ focus, make sure your marketing material reflects your corporate values, your offering and your vision.
  • Translation
    Anyone can use a dictionary or online, automated translation service. It’s quick, convenient and often free. In a pinch, it works. But automated translation simply cannot come anywhere close to properly reflecting the nuances in language.
  • Financial Communications
    With close to 14 years’ writing and editing experience in the financial services and wealth management arena, and working directly with senior management and in-house experts, I understand that your current clients – and those you seek – expect nothing but the very best products, services and solutions.
  • Intergovernmental Organisations
    Is your marketing and communications material as compelling as it can be? Does it truly reflect your voice, vision and values?
  • Academia, Events, Publishing
    For you, it may be about making your written material powerful, be it in an academic, corporate, or publishing environment. For me, it’s about supporting you, every step of the way.